We may still be in January, but it's better to think about it now before you totally forget and ruin the day for that special someone in your life. Valentine's Day will be here before we know it. Have you figured out what your plans are?

Honestly, I don't like Valentine's Day all that much because I believe you should show your love for people daily. There's not a single day that should be dedicated to love, in my opinion, but some people can't get enough of celebrating it. When my fiancé and I do decide to do something for the holiday, it's typically experience based.

We go out to dinner, we've gone bowling, we've taken trips away for the weekend. Did you know that there's one location in New York that was named the "Most Romantic" in the entire state? The best part is, it's located right here in Upstate New York.

Thrillist curated a list of the best places to spend a romantic weekend in each state, and they picked a town in the Fingerlakes.

Skaneateles, which is located in Onondaga County, was named the best of the best in New York state to spend a romantic getaway. Their reasoning for selecting the small town is pretty great, too:

The Finger Lakes are your go-to Upstate New York destination in the romance arena, but there are 11 of them, and they all span different towns. So we’re picking Skaneateles because it’s the hardest to spell. Its two wineries, art gallery, lake cruises, and neighboring strawberry fields (not the psychedelic kind) also helped.

Here's just some of the places you should check out while you're there, whether it's Valentine's Day weekend, or a random weekend over the summer.

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