The 8 Secrets
Are you a happy couple and just love your life so much you wanna shout it from the mountains? Or maybe you're not happy with your situation at all and wonder where you went wrong. Well here's a list of 8 patterns that successful and happy couples practice. Check things off the list or take…
Strange News – Sorry Guys, Women Know!
Bad news for the guys. According to a new Australian study in the journal Biology Letters, women appear to have the ability to decipher with some accuracy whether an unfamiliar male is cheating simply by looking at his face!
Men’s Bad Habits That Women Hate
Habits that may be ingrained into our DNA or maybe something we just picked up many years ago during our childhood.  Here are some habits of our that our bad and women don't like them.  Most of the time they can be quick to call you out on it.  Just for the record, Chip is not gu…

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