It's never fun to get dumped.

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Rejection in any form hurts. Even if you were looking to end the relationship, you are still sad when the other person gets to it first. That emotion makes no sense really, but that is how humans are.

With the continuing talk of AI, Artificial Intelligence, complex emotional responses like this can fail to make it into the programming. It's inability to really understand the fragility of the human condition will continue to keep human intelligence and artificial intelligence miles apart.

But let's have some fun. I asked ChatGPT for public places to respectfully end a relationship. I think you will find that the results absolutely show the lack of humanity we are talking about.

DIsclaimer, the following are awesome Utica landmarks and I do not recommend having anything but a fun time with people you like at any of them.

1. The Utica Zoo - Breakup among the animals, maybe the monkeys can give you some relationship advice.

The zoo as a breakup location is not the worst idea honestly. Who can be sad when you are watching a Lynx? As for the line about the monkeys...I'm afraid that just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

2. The Utica Bread - While enjoying a fresh croissant, you could say, "I knead to be honest with you, we're toast."

I am all about some puns so way to go ChatGPT. Who knew Dad jokes were so easily programmable?

3. The Utica Comets Game - Cheer up the mood by letting them know, "I might be losing you, but the Comets are winning tonight."

That is just a new level of icy that a cold-hearted person like me can deeply appreciate. Also, bonus points for loud crowds who won't hear the expletives being leveled at you after saying that line to any living person.

4. At the Utica Boilermaker Road Race - "I think we are going in different directions, but you can still run ahead of me on the race."

That is not at all how people speak. And if you decide to break up with someone mid race, you best hope you are a lot faster than they are.

5. At the Stanley Theatre - Tell them, "Our relationship was a real drama, but it's time for the curtains to close."

Nope. That made no sense and never risk ruining someone's performance with your own personal entanglements. Keep it classy, my friends.

Sorry ChatGPT. You aren't yet ready to be a real boy.

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