Here are 5 things your car doesn't like about severe cold weather and some simple solutions you can take to fix these issues.


First thing to remember is that fluids in your car move slower in the winter and almost come to a stop in severe weather. Think honey and you'll have a pretty good picture of your car's fluids.

The solution is fairly easy just get into a habit of starting your car  10 to 15 minutes before you leave. Check with your local mechanic and change your cars' fluids before the really cold weather hits.


The single most common issue in winter is a dead battery. This is really easy to fix. Remember when cold weather hits more often than not, what takes the hit is the car's battery.

This is an easy fix you simply jump the car, but what happens if there is no one around. Hopefully, your cell phone is completely charged and you have someone that has cables that you can call to come and give you a jump. That's so you can take the short drive to the auto parts store and buy a new battery.Chances are your battery is 4 to 5 years old and is about ready to give up the ghost.  Replace it is the easiest solution if you have a garage is a park in the garage.that will solve a lot of cold weather issues.


The next most common mistakes everyone makes without realizing it is a problem. The colder it gets the more tire pressure that's lost. Then when it warms up the issue becomes too much tire pressure. Just monitor the pressure and adjust as needed.


Leaking, water seeps into cracks in the road the pavement chips away and that's how potholes form. The same thing happens with cars. Metal and plastic collect water when it goes from condensation turn to water which in turn becomes ice and then the whole things repeat itself.

The solution, change all the fluids before winter sets in and warm your car before you drive. Just remember to be wary of leaving your car running on the street unattended with NY's laws.


Road salt is the killer for your car all of the salt that is poured and then sticks to your card and starts to eat away the undercarriage, brakes and wheel wells.

The solution here as you might expect is to wash your car at least once a month during winter.

A lot of what you can do for your car is common sense, of course, another solution is simply pack up and move south where it's nice and warm and it doesn't snow.



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