In Central New York, we have our share of crazy weather, and this time, it might include a tornado.

Excessive heat combined with thunderstorms to create severe weather that downed trees, took out power in pockets throughout Central New York and led to what could have been a tornado.

According to the video shared by meteorologist Bill Kardas, the 'tornado' touched down in Schuyler, around 7:10pm on Saturday, July 20.

This is probably the scariest view, from Kara Milianta, who says the video was taken in Little Falls, NY off of Rte 170 and East Monroe Street. The back of my house faces the west so we can see storms coming through the Mohawk Valley:

Beyond the funnel cloud, residents took photographs of the foreboding clouds prior to when the storm hit.

Unfortunately, several people sustained damage, mainly in the form of downed trees.

Credit: Corri Gadwaw Lenaghen

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Summer Storm - July 20, 2019

After the storm, as some CNY residents surveyed the damage, many got a glimpse of a truly beautiful scene - a rainbow peeked through the clouds.

Credit: Paige Brown

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