If you love to go apple picking, then continue reading because this information could change everything!

Do you know how to pick the sweetest apples on the tree? It's all about the color. An apple's color tells you the sugar content, and this trick works on both red and golden apples.

If the apple is green, then it's probably not ripe. Search out yellow or deep gold, as it will have much higher sugar content. You can also cut the apple in half and look at the seeds. They need to be completely brown for the highest natural sugar content.

Unlike some fruits, apples will continue to ripen long after they are picked off the tree. This will affect the texture, but not the taste or sugar content of the fruit. That's why it's important to harvest after seeing the deep yellow color, but before it's really ripe. The first stage is crucial for a tasty apple. Apples on the same tree slowly ripen from top to bottom and around the sunnier areas to the shady side.

Still unsure if the sugar content is optimal in the apple? Then try this tip from Hum Gardens.

If you have no harvesting experience, a little trial and error will give you all the information you need to determine when to lift that apple off the tree. And that, by the way, is an excellent method of determining when many apples are ready for picking, just lift the fruit sideways. Many apples, if they are ready for harvest, will then detach from the bud. If an apple puts up a fight, leave it there...

We found a very helpful video from Abbott Farms in Baldwinsville that goes into great detail about how to pick the perfect apples. Good luck and don't forget to send us some apple pie!

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