There may be no sign that elicits such a swift and happy reaction in my heart than this one.


Yes please.

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As I was driving around the other day, I saw the sign. Having lived in the area for less than a year, I knew the Clinton Cider Mill would be opening soon, but I wasn't sure when. If I was smarter, I would have checked Facebook.

Yes, i should have known that The Clinton Cider Mill was opening for it's 97th year on August 26. But then I would have missed out on my excitement at the sign.

Moving to the area last fall, the Clinton Cider Mill was a must stop locale for me every time I was in the area. I am pretty sure I ate my weight in donuts and drank far too much cider. I also loved every second of it.


So now that it is open again, it is time to partake in all the good things they have available. Admittedly, last year I did not try the soup. I have since been told I made a mistake in not doing so. I must rectify this sooner than later it seems.

As good as all that is, I am also about the history. A place with lineage back to 1927 is the kind of place I enjoy checking out. This staple of the community is very popular. If you see a line, it is worth the wait for all cider enthusiasts.

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