World Mental Health Day is a time for everyone to not only reflect on the challenges that other people face, but also what you may be dealing with yourself. Mental Health is no laughing matter. We all have problems and they should always be addressed.

What's great about Central and Upstate New York is that there are so many amazing places to go and things to do to better your mental health. Here are some things to consider doing today or any day you feel down.


Go Outside

Upstate New York is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. The fall foliage alone can take you away and help you relax. Who hasn't felt at ease standing in a forest, looking at all the changing leaves?

You can even check out the Top 12 places to see Fall Foliage in New York State.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation actually released a study that shows what positive effects nature have on the mind.

Just think of all the things you can go do too! No need to think though, we have options for you too.

Credit - Erie Canal Museum via Facebook
Credit - Erie Canal Museum via Facebook

Visit The Erie Canal

One of the most amazing, man-made marvels that stretches through our state is the Erie Canal. From Albany to Buffalo, there are many spots along the canal for you to go visit.

Not only can you go to just watch the boats go by, but you can hop in the canal yourself. Though it might be colder during the fall, it still gives you an amazing opportunity to be at peace along the still water of the canal.

little girl picking apple

Go Apple Picking

This has to be one of the best things to do at this time of the year. With so many amazing spots to go across the state, you have tons of options for apple picking fun.

Not only can you take great pictures and make fond memories, but what about all you can make with the apples? Half the fun of apple picking is taking them home and making something delicious for you and the entire family.

Beautiful girl in bath robe is holding a cup and smiling while resting at home

Reward Yourself

It's the little things you can do to improve your mental health for the better. So many of us work ourselves to the bone, putting ourselves and our mental health on the back burner. You have to take time to reward yourself.

Luckily, Upstate New York has so many options for you to go and do that. It could be a big day trip out on the Adirondack Rail Bikes, or even something small like getting a Utica Coffee or half-moon cookie from Holland Farms. You deserve to recognize yourself for your hard work.

Feel free to share with us the ways you reward yourself for all that you do.

Presence of family is the biggest support

Talk To Someone

This is so so so important when it comes to mental health. I'm including it on the list because it doesn't matter where you are from, there is always someone there to talk to you about your mental health.

Whether your battles are big or strong, you do not have to do it alone. It's not easy having to load all of your problems solely on your shoulders. Reaching out will help lighten the load, and maybe give you another perspective of your problems.

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