Time to move to Australia and schlep our lives away as public servants or crocodile wrestlers. Why? Well, a judge decided that a woman who was injured having sex at an Australian motel while on a work trip is entitled to Workman’s Compensation. How do we get that deal, since the circumstances sound like grounds for a firing? Regardless, what kinda sex was she having that it caused injury? Sounds like kinky stuff.

Actually, it wasn’t. The woman, who cannot be named and is in her late ‘30s, was not a sexual acrobat. She sustained facial and psychological injuries when a glass light fixture pulled away from the wall above her bed while getting banged in 2007. Her partner claimed that they were going hard, so perhaps the force of her noggin crashing into the headboard caused some structural instability to the room.

And now for the boring stuff. Her initial claim was denied so she appealed to federal courts and won. The judge ruled that the injuries were suffered in the course of her employment. Uh, was she a hooker? Was she that kind of public servant? She was actually employed in the human relations section of a Commonwealth government agency. Human relations? Riiiight!

The woman was supposed to conduct budget reviews and meet local staff on the company time and dime but ended up with her male friend. At first, ComCare, which governs federal workplaces, ruled against her, saying sexual activity was not an ordinary incident but recreational. The appeal judge disagreed, saying it was ordinary, while firm’s lawyers argued that act was ordinary but not necessary.

Speak for yourself, ComCare. Looks like laying down on the job actually pays off.

[Via SMH]

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