When it comes to bacon, you can never have to much. I'm the kind of guy that will add ten tons of bacon to every food I eat. It gives me a little heartburn, but it's totally worth it. Is the world ready for the next step of bacon, adding it to sex? Apparently it is. A company named J&D is now selling the bacon condom. Introducing J&D’s Bacon Condoms.

Not for nothing, I'd feel really uncomfortable with the thought of bacon going inside private parts. This condom, does just that...

According to Coed Magazine, these condoms don’t just taste like bacon, they have a special ingredient.

They are also smothered in the company’s signature bacon flavored lube and each strip actually looks like a strip of bacon. So now if the promise of being able to taste bacon isn’t enough to “seal the deal,” you could convince her that she can finally enjoy some tasty bacon without it going to HER thighs (insert rimshot here).

These gems will cost you a smooth $10. Currently they are out of stock, shockingly.

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