We just had a little taste of the warm weather to come and everybody switched to white wine from a long winter of red.

Our choice this week for 'Wine a Little Wednesday' is a Chardonnay from Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery on the north coast of California. This vineyard has been producing Chardonnay since 1904.

This Chardonnay has the flavors of peaches and apples. You will also notice the crispness of the wine that doesn't over power the wine itself.

Why is this Chardonnay so good? Simply put, it's the grapes and 114 years of making wines.

You'll notice this wine has a screw cap rather than a cork to seal the bottle. There are two schools of thought as there are two ways to seal the bottle. You will not notice a difference in quality between the two.

Enjoy the early summer weather as we're sure it won't last, but the Chardonnays will.


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