This is a major Big Brother spoiler, warning before you go ahead. We may have our first showmance of the season:

Caleb confessed his LOVE to Amber and she shot him down pretty bad.

Well.... maybe we don't have our first showmance after all: This video may have some NSFW language inside

According to posters on Reddit, the video is pretty painful to watch. Amber pretty much shoots Caleb down, and she shoots him down hard!

Caleb: i just wanted to tell you how I felt

Amber: well... thanks...."

Can you say "Friend Zoned"? As one Reddit user worded it: "The only thing worse than a showmance in front of 9 million people, Friendzoned in front of 9 million people".

Poor Caleb. He's not taking it well though: Caleb told Frankie/Devin about his talk with Amber. Caleb says there's no doubt in his mind she likes him even though she denied it.

So is Caleb a little nuts? He has a big ego!

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