Chicken riggies, Utica greens, tomato pie, and half moons. If you had to choose, which one would you give up forever?

Utica is well known for its food, especially those dishes that are the specialties of the area. When asked which 'Utica food' you'd give up - Utica responded - and the answer might surprise you.

There aren't many foods more 'Utica' than chicken riggies, Utica greens, tomato pie, and half moon cookies. In spite of Utica greens being featured in the New York Times, and featured as a food in an 'I Love NY' Thanksgiving - it was greens most Uticans were willing to give up forever.

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We're not gonna lie - we were kind of shocked. A close second - HOLD THE PHONE - chicken riggies. WHAT?? Behind riggies, tomato pie. Overall, the vote was pretty close.

The food most of us would be unwilling to give up? Half moons cookies. Apparently, Utica has a sweet tooth. This one is a little ironic, because we also have some fantastic bakeries so you'd think there would be a fair substitute for half moon cookies.

Personally, we could say goodbye to tomato pie - if we're really craving it, we'll just grab a slice of pizza and pull off the cheese.

What about you? What food would you be willing to give up forever? Let us know at


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