The last time Monopoly made a change to its game pieces was in the early 1950's. So for the past 60 plus years you've been able to play on the board using the battleship, a top hat, a Scottie dog, a race car, an iron, a wheelbarrow, a thimble or you could play being a shoe. On February 5th that will all change. One game piece will be taken away forever as it retires from Monopoly. Which game piece will not go past go and collect $200 more dollars? You decide. 

Monopoly is allowing fans of the board game to decide which piece will stay and which will go. Fans have until February 5th to vote via Facebook or Twitter on which game piece will be retired. It's all part of the “Save Your Token” campaign. You can Click Here To Vote. Twitter fans can vote by using the hashtag #tokenvote.

"In an unlucky roll of the dice, every Monopoly token has landed in jail," the company said on Facebook. "One will be locked up forever and replaced with a new piece. Luckily you'll have the chance to vote to save your favorite token every day. Don't skip your turn!"

So what new pieces can you decide to vote in? Here's what the company is thinking of introducing to the board: a diamond ring, a toy robot, a cat, a guitar or a helicopter. One of these new pieces will replace the retired one. Read more on these new pieces and check out some pictures from our friends at





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