Lionsgate Rolls the Dice on New ‘Monopoly’ Movie
If you didn’t get your fill of board game movies with either Battleship or Ouija, don’t worry, the trend isn’t going anywhere. After years in development, Lionsgate is moving forward with a Monopoly movie with a script by Oscar-nominated writer Andrew Niccol.
The New Monopoly Game Piece
For the first time since the 1950's Monopoly has changed their game pieces/tokens. Monopoly allowed gamers to vote for the past month on what game piece should stay, which piece would retire, and which game piece would enter the game. The results are in. We have the newest monopoly game piece/t…
Monopoly Retiring Game Piece
The last time Monopoly made a change to its game pieces was in the early 1950's. So for the past 60 plus years you've been able to play on the board using the battleship, a top hat, a Scottie dog, a race car, an iron, a wheelbarrow, a thimble or you could play being a shoe. On February 5th that will…