For the first time since the 1950's Monopoly has changed their game pieces/tokens. Monopoly allowed gamers to vote for the past month on what game piece should stay, which piece would retire, and which game piece would enter the game. The results are in. We have the newest monopoly game piece/token.

Please welcome the newest Monopoly game piece, The Cat!


Now that we gave you the good news first, time for the bad. Which game piece got the boot?

It’s sad news for some, as the sly cat will replace one of the game’s venerable pieces, which has also been chosen by voters. The boot, iron and wheelbarrow were tied for last place until Tuesday night when the wheelbarrow and shoe hung on and the iron got the boot.”

It's been a long run iron, you will be missed on all wrinkled shirt game boards.



[via Today/NBC]

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