What a great way to shake up 'Hump Day.' Celebrate National Margarita Day by making homemade Margaritas or have dinner at this New Hartford location get one for $1.00 today only. 

Enjoy $1 House 'Ritas with any food purchase at Applebees in New Hartford today only.

Margaritas became popular in the U.S. in December 1953 thanks to Esquire Magazine naming it the drink of the month. They printed the recipe and said it's lovely to look at, exciting and provocative.

The first frozen margarita machine was used in Dallas, Texas in 1971 by 26-year-old restaurant owner Mariano Martinez. He was not finding success with his Margaritas because they took to long to make. Then he saw a slushy machine at a convenience store and the light bulb went off.  He turned a slushy machine into a frozen margarita machine and changed the bar business forever.

A Margarita is most common tequila-based cocktail ever.  All you need to make it is the best tequila you can get your hands on, triple sec and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Margaritas can be served on the rocks, frozen, or straight up, and today there are many different flavors to choose from.

Where can you find some of the best Margaritas in CNY?

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[Information from Ready Ritas]

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