The F.X. Matt brewing Company's Utica Club beer is getting a makeover - back to their original gold cans, but the best part is how the old white cans can make you a winner.

The brewery says the transition back to the gold cans will be 'gradual,' so for a little while you'll find packages of Utica Club in both colors.

Here's where it gets interesting:

The return of the gold cans means that if you happen to find a 'retro' white can in a pack of gold cans, you're a winner!

Simply bring the white can into the Brewery Shop for a $20 gift card.

Out of code cans however, are not eligible.

Utica Club first released the gold cans back in 2002. The cans have an image of Lady Columbia, a representative of America that can also be seen on stained glass windows throughout the F.X. Matt Brewery - Located on Columbia Street in downtown Utica.

Utica Club is the first beer licensed for sale when prohibition ended in 1933.

So the next time you head out to pick up some Uncle Charlie, be on the lookout for his shiny new - and old suit.



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