Some celebrate the day with tacos, others will celebrate with a margarita. These are the best places to get one on Cinco De Mayo and year-round.

Fun fact about margaritas, they actually are the most popular drink in the United States according to BMWise. I actually have heard that prior to looking it up too from watching Bar Rescue. Now, if you have ever seen bar rescue, you know a lot of restaurants and bars really mess up a margarita. That's pretty shocking honestly. A margarita seems like a pretty straightforward drink to make.

Here are the 5 places in Utica with the best margaritas according to Yelp.

  1. Rio Grande Tex Mex Grill
  2. The Stief
  3. Pedro's Kitchen
  4. Luna Mexican Bar & Grill
  5. Ocean Blue Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Now, if you're not looking to go out for Cinco De Mayo and celebrate with a tasty margarita made by an incredible bartender, you could make one yourself. It's not all too difficult, but there are plenty of ways you could mess it up and end up with a complete disaster. There are only 3 ingredients, tequila, limes, and triple sec.

I've been following a recipe for years, here it is.

2 oz. Tequila

1 lime squeezed

1 oz. Triple Sec

Toss all the ingredients in a glass with ice, stir it around and pour into another glass. The rest is your choice, salt the rim and be fancy with a lime wedge should you wish.

Now, with all that said, you could also just go by a 12-pack of Mexican beer and call it a day.

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