Besides music, there has always been another love in my life... Aviation! (I'm talking about hobbies, Baby ;)) I got bitten by the bug way back when I was in high school and we went on a field trip to the airport. I've always loved watching things fly in the sky and was fascinated by the allure and prestige of it all but had never been in an airplane before. Till that day. Long story short, I immediately stated taking lessons (I actually knew how to fly planes long before I got my driver's license) and eventually was forced to hault my training one week shy of my 'pilot graduation' due to financial constraints (it's expensive, man!) Well, I've been haunted by that for the last ten years and after a ton of saving and hard work, I'm pleased to say I got my butt back in the air again! I brought my girlfriend along for this momentous occasion and she took some videos and photos so I could bring you along too... Check em out!



Here we are pulling out the airplane for a spin:



Most things are the same from this Cherokee to the one I used to fly, but there are some differences that I need to know before going up:



My first takeoff in 10 years, what an amazing rush!!



Landing is the greatest thrill known to man, feel free to rate mine but go easy, it's my first in a decade!




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