Last week, I shared with you a few of my favorite vegan dessert recipes. And, while you're diving into those vegan sweet treats, you might need something to wash them down with. But, vegans don't drink cow's milk. So what are we to do? No worries. Here are a few vegan beverages to quench your holiday thirst. Here's our top Vegan drinks for the holidays. 

Silk Nog

For those people who were meat-earter and then moved to veganism, there might be something missing during the holiday. And, that something might be eggnog. For those who like the very distinctive taste of eggnog, but don't want to drink any dairy, here is a vegan alternative. It's called Silk Nog, and it can be found in many grocery stores where the soy milk is sold.

Hot Chocolate

During the holiday season when it's cold outside, there is nothing that tastes better than a nice warm cup of hot chocolate. And, for vegans, that classic holiday drink has dairy and marshmallows (two things we can't have). So, here is a vegan alternative to quench that holiday thirst.

Mint 'Milk'shake

Now, if you're not craving a warm beverage during the holidays, here is what sounds like a delicious vegan milkshake. Although it has a few more ingredients than that hot chocolate above, the extra effort definitely looks like it will pay off. In the video, she makes the vegan milkshake with peppermint--that's definitely one of those quintessential holiday flavors.

Warm Almond Milk with A Lot of Flavor

There are a lot of spices going into this drink, right here. I have not tried to make this myself, but it definitely sounds delicious.

Healthy Soda

So, warm vegan drinks are not your style. How about some soda? Everybody likes soda during the holidays, right? Here is a very simple recipe for a very healthy soda (or pop).