Shopping for a vegan can be tough. A vegan doesn't eat milk chocolate. A vegan doesn't wear leather or wool. A vegan doesn't drink eggnog. So, what do you get that vegan on your shopping list this holiday season? Here are a few ideas.

4. Gift Certificates to Local Health Food Stores

Some people don't like to give gift certificates. They find it boring. However, in the case of a vegan, a gift certificate to a health food store is amazing. We know exactly what we can eat and not eat, and, at least for me, I can read a food label faster than anyone I know to see if there are animal ingredients. Around the Utica area, there's Peter's Cornucopia and Tom's Natural Foods. In Syracuse, there's the wonderful Wegman's.

3. Vegan Clothes

Like I mentioned above, most vegans don't wear leather, wool, silk, down (feathers) or fur. So, footwear, belts or coats with these materials are not the best gift ideas. If you do want to buy clothes for the vegan on your list, always check the tags on the clothing item.

2. A Nice Vegan Meal

Sometimes, all it takes is a nice cooked vegan meal to make a vegan the happiest person in the world. Grab a Tofurky (a tofu turkey) at the grocery store, and cook it. Vegetables are obviously vegan, as long as you don't put butter, milk or cheese on them. It's pretty easy to cook a vegan meal. If you do cook a vegan meal for someone this holiday season, don't cross contaminate the food (meaning, don't use the same knife that you use for the turkey for the Tofurky.)

1. A Monthly/Yearly Subscription to Vegan Snack Boxes

I just got a subscription for two vegan goody boxes sent directly to my house every month. What is it exactly? Well, there are a few companies that send a box full of vegan treats (food, snacks, beauty products) every month to your house via the postal service. I currently subscribe to Vegan Cuts and Conscious Box. It's great because you can get amazing vegan snacks that aren't always available in many grocery stores around here. These vegan snack boxes make amazing gifts. I'm super excited when my boxes get delivered--I never know what I'm going to get (it's a surprise every month).