Looking for some fun drinking games for Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving? Here's some pretty easy fun games all adults can enjoy. 

The Standard Thanksgiving Game

This gem comes from mtlblog.com. There is a lot of ways to enjoy this game, here's the rules:

This is a pretty simple one and will probably apply to almost everyone’s Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Simply take a drink every time something on the list below is said or occurs.

-If carving the turkey is made into a sacred male affair

-Every time you have to explain social media to a relative

-If someone audibly snores on the couch

-For every vegetarian or vegan present

-A woman who is older than you tells you to get out of the kitchen

-Someone mentions the turkey’s dryness

-Someone blames the turkey’s dryness on someone else

-Someone asks about your significant other, two drinks if they know you’re single

-Someone asks you ‘how is school’

-For every type of pie present at dessert

-You look around and think ‘So this is my family’

Pretty easy right? Seems like you'd be pretty drunk by 2PM playing this gem.


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Drinking Game

Who doesn't watch the parade in the morning? It's tradition! Now you can take this tradition to the next level with our friends at Chicago Now.

- Whenever the moving float features a Broadway musical or play, take a drink.

- Drink when you hear the word, "fun".

- Take a drink whenever someone from an NBC show is interviewed

- Take a drink if you have no idea who the 'famous' person(s) is on the moving stage. Drink twice if it's someone who appears to be under age 21.

- Take a drink every time someone on television says the word, "Wow".

- Drink whenever the announcers imply the float is alive. Examples: "I hope this rain doesn't make SpongeBob quadruple in size!", "Spiderman sure looks like he wants to climb all these skyscrapers.", "I bet Snoopy wishes there was a float of a big doggie bone!"

- Whenever you see a turkey in any form, or hear the word "Turkey".

- Drink every time a musical performer messes up the lip syncing.

Once again, have plenty of drinks ready.


As always, please drink responsibly and always have a Designated Driver. Remember, buzzed driving is still drunk driving. 
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