AMC's “The Walking Dead” will be back right before you know it. Get prepared by playing one of the best TV drinking games. We have rules and tips on how to play “The Walking Dead” drinking game. Here's how to play.

What Will You Need To Play?

Our friends over at BuzzFeed recommend Whiskey or some other hard liquor worthy of a zombie apocalypse. They suggest beer works too, and mixers for those who “like a chaser more than being chased”.

Rules On How To Play

1) When you see the first zombie of the episode, take a sip.

This usually happens within the first five minutes, or within 30 seconds of the episode.

2) When the first walker of the episode gets killed take a shot.

This is usually pretty brutal. If there are a group of walkers take a shot for each walker killed. If there are too many to count, take a huge gulp. If Daryl aims his crossbow, take two sips.

3) If the Governor's eye patch falls off, drink until its back on.

No one wants to look at an ugly Governor sober right?

4) If Merle says something racist, take a shot.

Actually we will expand this one, if Merle swears and says anything terrible directed at anyone take a shot.

5) If Merle or Daryl says, "He's my brother!" at any point, then drink.

You know this will happen clearly at some point. Get your drink ready, chances are it will happen fast.

6) If during the recap from the first part of the season we see the Walker that ate Lori, take a drink.

Show a little respect.

8) If Herschel mentions the farm, or God in any way, take a huge drink.

Make that a double drink for the fact that he's still alive and kicking.... no pun intended.

9) If Andrea has sex with the Gov again, take a biggggg drink.

I can't imagine sex with the Gov and his eye patch is pleasant. Drink for her truly.

10) If you see a funny hashtag take a drink.

Usually AMC has hashtags for the show. Sometimes they are funny, others they are stupid. If it's funny take a huge drink.

Play with more rules from BuzzFeed.