Halloween is right around the corner. Are you hosting a party this year? Need some cool and fun drinking games to play? Here's the top ones you can try out floating around on the internet. Some are new, some are classics.  

1) Trick Or Treat

Trick or treating isn't just for kids anymore, it's now for the adults. This game comes from The Tab and it looks like a ton of fun:

Make six labels to cover six non-see through cups. In three of the cups put a ‘trick’ shot, in the remaining three put ‘treat’ shots. Lay them out in a line, each player must roll a dice and must drink what ever number shot they land on. Periodically mix up the cups when ‘trick’ and ‘treat’ shots are re-filled."

Half the fun of this game is not knowing whether you have an easy shot like a shooter, or you have something like 151.


2) Monster Mash

This one sounds very confusing, but very fun. If you're looking for a game to play that gets you drunk super fast, this may be the gem to choose from College Candy:

Sitting in a circle, you and your friends go around the room and count off! On numbers divisible by “3,” the player says the word “monster” instead of the number, and on numbers divisible by “5,” they say “mash” instead of the number. Whoever screws up, drinks. Once you get going, then, the game should sound something like, “1..2…monster…4….mash…monster….7…8….monster….mash.”"

Sounds a little confusing, but, sounds like a lot of fun.


3) Horror Movie Drinking Game

This one is very easy to play. Considering every single TV channel under the sun plays something with horror in it during October, including ABC Family, you can turn anything into a drinking game. The College Town Life says:

Everybody picks a character, if your character screams; you take a shot, if a girl dies first all the girls drink. If a guy dies first, the bros drink, if it was your character that died, knock it back. If your character survives you send 2 shots to somebody else, if you can pick who the killer is (before the halfway mark in the movie) everyone else combines their drinks, grabs some straws, and gets on their vampire swag and sucks."

Very easy, and very simple. If you're looking for a game where you can pretty much relax, this is it.


4) Pumpkin Hunt

What could be better then drunk adults running through a backyard? Add shots from Yahoo!:

This is an outdoor game played at night with some lights. The concept simple. All you have to do is hide small pumpkins in the backyard. You can hide them all yourself before the guests get there or have them go out one at a time, each with a pumpkin. But, give them a time limit so they don't go and try to find the pumpkins that were hidden before theirs. Once this is done, everyone all goes out and searches for the pumpkins. Set a time limit for this as well. When time is up, everyone that has not retrieved a pumpkin must take a shot."

I can imagine this could end badly, be careful.


5) Fill The Pumpkin

Warning, this game could end badly... I'd imagine it could end with puking, but a ton of fun from eHow:

This game works best if everyone is drinking different kinds of drinks, because then the penalty for having to drink from the pumpkin is that much worse. Use a plastic pumpkin that doesn't leak. Spread a deck of cards face down around the pumpkin. Assign different games to different cards. For example, each person who draws a "jack" has to make a dare. Each person who draws a "king" can make anyone drink. Get creative with the rules you set; just remember to set the fours and eights as cards that require the person who draws them to pour a shot-sized portion of their drink into the pumpkin. Anyone who draws the "ace" has to drink whatever is in the pumpkin."

Does it sound fun or gross?

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