As race fans gear up for the 55th annual Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, alcohol fans nation wide are gearing up. They aren't gearing up to just watch the race with soda, they are gearing up to drink beer, booze, and shots. Want to play the Daytona 500 Drinking Game? Here's the official rules we are developing for the 2013 Nascar drinking game.

The Danica Patrick Rule

Nick Laham/Getty Images for NASCAR

Maybe you haven't heard by now, aka you have, but Danica Patrick has the polling position at the race. If you really want to get drunk watching the Daytona 500 use Danica. Every time they mention her being the first female to grab a pulling spot, take a sip of your drink. Every time they spotlight her throughout the race, take a sip of your drink. Every time they show a GoDaddy commercial with her in it, take a sip of your drink. Chances are you will get hammered fast, and this may be the only game you would need to play.

Twitter Shots

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

If someone you follow on Twitter exchanges tweets with you during the Daytona 500 becomes one of your followers, take a shot. If someone you follow on Twitter changes their profile picture to a Nascar number, take a shot. If someone changes their background to “Daytona” take a shot. If someone uses the hashtag #daytona, #nascar, #danicapatrick on tweets that don't deal with the race, take a shot.

Beer Shots


Let's be honest, you'll have plenty of beer at your Nascar party. If a lap leader's sponsor is a product you have used within within the past week take a beer shot. If a lap leader's sponsor is a product you have used within within the past two weeks at least twice take a beer shot. If you see a commercial for the beer your drinking, take a beer shot.

Jeff Gordon Drinks 

Tyler Barrick/Getty Images

For some reason, it's still a mystery to me, people hate Jeff Gordon. There isn't a clear answer, but Nascar fans worldwide share a hatred towards him. I actually like Gordon, I was a huge fan when I was a Nascar fan back in the 90's. Either way, at some point he may or may not take the lead. This will leave you with pain. Take plenty of drinks if this happens. If he wins the race, finish the bottle... then throw it at the TV.

Car Wreck Drinks

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Some people only watch the races for the crashes. At Daytona there may be a huge wreck. What should we do? We should drink. If there is a wreck, drink one drink for every car involved in the wreck. Take a drink for every time they show an instant replay of the wreck. You can also pause the TV and replay it a few extra times for a few extra drinks. If one car sets on fire, finish your glass or drink.

Dale Earnhardt Drinks

Jamie Squire/Allsport/Getty Images

Get your glasses ready: At some point someone will talk about Dale Earnhardt Sr, Jr, or any other member of the Earnhardt family. Get ready to drink. If you have a beer, finish it. Once finished, cry about the loss.

Final Lap

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The end of the race is coming fast! It's the final lap. At the end of the race, drink one drink for every player's Driver that finishes ahead of your driver. Also, take a huge drink for the winner. Show some respect.

Don't Be Dumb

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Be responsible don’t drink and drive.If you are at a house party stay there, if not designate a driver or call for a cab ride home.