50 million people are expected to tune tonight for the first Presidential Debate. A lot of the left, and a lot of the right, will be arguing non-stop. Why argue when you can drink? The debate can be a lot more fun if you add a little booze to it.

I'm not kidding, DebateDrinking.com is a real website. They have the the official drinking game of the Presidential Debates. Here's the rules: First thing you have to do is pick a candidate. It doesn't have to be the one you plan to vote for. Then, you have to take a drink any time your candidate says one of the following words:

President Barack Obama

Spencer Platt/Getty Images



Let me be clear




General Motors

Middle Class




Governor Mitt Romney


Alex Wong/Getty Images

16 trillion



My friend

Job Creators

716 billion


Private Sector




Additional drinking

Start the night off with a gimme – Take a drink for each person or organization that your candidate thanks in his opening remarks.

If your candidate has any type of numbered or multi-step plan – Take one drink for each number.

Each time you see your candidate force an awkward grin or laugh while his opponent is insulting him or disparaging his policies – Take a drink.


If you need help keeping score, our friends got your back. They will be keeping a live count via Twitter.