I'm always searching for the magic bullet that will cut strokes off my game. Thanks to Alessandro de Luca I may actually cut a few strokes this Spring.So here are the 5 most common mistakes in golf.

1. An exaggerated twist. Most amateur golfers believe the more they turn their back the more distance. Actually you need to find a swing that you can repeat and make solid contact with the ball

2. Missing the putting Line. The key to good putting is being able to see in your mind the line between your ball and the hole. Remember the line is from the ball to the hole not the other way around.

3. Swing Misconceptions. you can correct most issues in your swing . The grip, see picture for the position of the left and right hands. You want a grip that is smooth and solid. Get the right stance, check your posture in a full length mirror at home.

4. Lack of acceleration, most amateurs make the mistake of not swinging the club through the ball. they quit on the shot and try to scoop the ball instead. The key for gaining distance is to finish your swing. Your belly button should point at the target when you finish your shot. If not then you are not swinging through the ball.

5. Restless legs. you've heard the term keep your lower body still. 80% percent of your weight should be on your left side and you should use the motion of your upper body hands and arms. Practice chipping with every iron in your bag so you will have an idea of what each iron will do around the green. Remember 70% of all shots are from 100 yards or less.

Hit 'em long and straight.












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