Just when you think your golf game is ready for the best in upstate New York, it's not.

Usually the chore of turning the clocks ahead will be a very important signal for the weekend golfers that golf season is poised to move forward. That is right after you do a Spring cleanup in your front and back yards, at least in the Cristi homestead that's how it works.

Golf.com has listed the top courses in Upstate New York. I have played 4 of the courses on the list of 20. If the remaining courses are anything like the ones I've played so far, then they are the stuff nightmares are made of.

The Turning Stone courses demand that you clear 150 to 200 yards of waste area just to reach the fairway. Then the work begins. I play to a 15 handicap and I opted to play from the gold T's and the course still beat me.

Atunyote at Turning Stone (Verona) This course played host to the PGA tour. Unless you are aa PGA hopeful swallow your pride and play from the Gold or White "T's". As with all of the courses at Turning stone accuracy is a must and yes I played the Gold T's.

Shenendoah At Turning Stone (Verona) Another PGA course, nuff said. When you have your games in mid season form and you are above average in keeping your shots in play. Tee it up from the Gold T's All of the Turning Stone courses are very long and over 7,000 yards from the back T's. I found each of the courses have their own touches, but all demand that you keep the ball in play  and plan each shot. The course will jump up and bite you if you don't plan each shot.

Kaluhyat at Turning Stone (Verona) This is the toughest in my opinion. This course my be a future site for the return of the PGA Tour. This course has dramatic changes in elevation. When you think you have a read on the course, you don't.

The Sagamore (Bolton Landing) Lots of hills and the course over all is not that long. You do have to keep the ball in play in order to score. Each of the 18 holes are very diverse, plan your shots and you'll love the overlook of the lake on the first hole.

See all 20 top courses in Upstate New York at Golf.com.

Enjoy the season and try to hit em' long and straight.


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