You went and really did yourself in this time, had a little too much fun and now it's time to pay the piper. You're stuck with that pounding hangover, so what now? Here's 5 remedies that I stumbled across during a morning after Google search of my own.

First of all, let's dispel one myth: My favorite drink is a Bloody Mary and most think that this is actually an acceptable cure, but it actually won't help at all. Alcohol's nature is to help you get rid of fluids (hence why you pee so much) so the key is to replenish those fluid when you wake up, not get dehydrated further!

Coffee / Espresso

Caffeine, researchers have found works to cancel out the alcohol in your system by neutralizing the ethanol that is dehydrating you. Popping an ibuprofen or two (or four) will also go along way to keeping the shades off indoors. ALTHOUGH, caffeine dehydrates as well, so see one of the below methods to have with your pot of jo...

Gatorade / Pickle Juice?!?

Now before you puke just from the thought of chugging the juice from the pickle jar, keep in mind that the minerals in it will give you an electrolyte boost which is what you're lacking during a hangover. Eating pickles might help too, but if both of those gross you out, just reach for your nearest bottle of Gatorade instead.


Obviously since a hangover is all about replenishing fluids and our bodies are 90% water anyway, sucking down as much water as possible will probably do the most to getting you back into functional society the quickest! Keep in mind that the darker alcohol you drink, the worse your hangover will be, so hang around the water cooler at work if you pounded Irish Car Bombs last night...


Remember those Flintstones vitamins you used to take as a kid (or maybe even sneak now as an adult)? Well, now those Yabba-dabba-do's will get your feet humming enough to drive your car without seeing more traffic than is really there. Pop something that'll raise your levels of B6 and B12 vitamins and the edge of a knife in your head will get a lot less dull!

Toast / Crackers

If you need to get something in your stomach, stick with the light boring stuff like toast or crackers and the like, these help your stomach not feel like a volcano about to erupt and will bring your blood sugar up. Heading to Denny's and downing a ton of breakfast food will only help bring the 'lava' to the surface...

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