Are you looking for some fun with friends and family? Well, how about a nice drinking game. It will add some spice and zest to your party. The drinking game you choose can make or break the night. With great drinking games, comes great responsibility. Here’s the Top 5 Drinking Games Of All Time. If you play any of these games, your party is guaranteed to be a legend.

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    Screw* The Dealer

    This game will mess you up if you’re the dealer for too long. NSFW, there is a very bad word repeated.

  • 4

    Power Hour

    The games pretty simple, a shot of beer per minute. You will go through a ton of beer, and get a buzz fast.

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    Kings/Waterfall/Ring Of Fire

    Each card has a different value, you can read those here.

  • 2

    Flip Cup

    This game is, and easy to play. Also easy clean up.

  • 1

    Beer Pong

    This is the grand daddy of all drinking games. Fun fact, they sell Beer Pong tables now.