Apple picking is not a tradition in every family. Here are the ins and outs and unspoken rules for newbies. 

  • Don't crowd around a tree that already has people at it. Go to a different tree or wait your turn.
  • Don't pick all of the low hanging apples if you are an adult. Save those for kids that can't reach as high as you.
  • Don't bend the tree branches so hard that all of the apples fall on the ground when you are only picking one apple. It's wasteful.
  • Don't eat the apples as you pick them. You pay by the pound at a lot of places.
  • Don't eat an apple while you are picking and then throw the core on the ground. No one wants to step on that.
  • Don't pick an apple and then throw it on the ground. Look at it before you pick it. What doesn't look like a good apple to you might be an excellent apple to someone else.
  • Always pick different varieties of apples, and pick more than you can eat. There are lots of great recipes for apples, some work better with soft apples, some use harder apples. Some are best with a mixture of both. So pick away

If you have any unwritten rules we didn't mention just add in the comments below!

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