Time to pull out the bushel baskets for some apple picking. Did you know there's a proper way to harvest apples?

Yes, there is a proper way to harvest apples if you want to ensure a steady fruit production on the tree.

Those who don't know the correct way to pick usually start plucking all the apples within reach dropping them into our baskets, but that's not the way to do it. Follow these simple suggestions happy apple trees:

  • Apples grow on a delicate spur branch, not the main branch, so twist the apple off the spur so you won’t cause any damage to your tree.
  • When picking apples, hold them in the palm of your hand to prevent bruising
  • Don't use apple pickers. They can damage the spur branches. Instead use a ladder to reach the ripe apples high in the tree.
  • Pick only ripe apples. Ripe apples have brown seeds, taste good and are easy to remove from spur branches.
  • No dropping apples into your bushel baskets. Set your baskets high so you can just place apples inside to reduce bruising.

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