The Swamp Drivers: Musicians with redneck ingenuity that make high energy music with unique instruments like no other band in the USA. 

If you've seen The Swamp Drivers perform then you know how unique their instruments are. Terry 'MoJo' Johnson tells us about a 6 string pitchfork guitar that actually has a nose- piece from a 1950's Chevy. He say's this one took about 3 weeks to build. 

The Swamp Drivers have been playing together for a little more than a year and have already been inducted into New York Blues Hall of Fame.They play primordial driving, rockin party music straight from the swamp. Their repertoire is a mix of crankin originals to covers from ZZ Top to BB King played on crazy homemade instruments ranging from a 1 string garden hoe to a 4 string boat oar.


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