Are you itching for summer to be here sooner? Well the beers of the season may be getting here even before spring. The 2013 Samuel Adams Beers of Summer pack have started hitting shelves in some markets across the country. We have the full run down on this years pack.

This year’s summer pack features: Summer Ale, Boston Lager, Porch Rocker, Belgian Session, Little White Rye and Blueberry Hill Lager. If you're a fan of the Porch Rocker, you're in luck. Six-packs will arrive in late April/May.

According to BeerPulse The Boston Beer Company has been receiving criticism for releasing the beer early.

The Boston Beer Company has been a central target of criticism from those against “seasonal creep” in which seasonals are first released a few months before their respective seasons are officially recognized on the calendar. Samuel Adams seasonal brands have traditionally been among the earliest to hit the market.

Personally I'm happy, Summer Beer usually means summer is near. These beers are amazing and should be enjoyed any time of the year.

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