In honor of American Craft Beer week, Samuel Adams is letting you vote on your favorite brew to bring back to the Samuel Adams family in January 2016.

Samuel Adams has launched this competition on their website asking you to vote on 4 former brews:

Here at Samuel Adams, we have released hundreds of beers over the years, and last year alone crafted more than 60 styles. Although some may not all be in current rotation, they are far from forgotten. Craft beer lovers like you reach out to us daily with pleas to bring back their favorite Samuel Adams styles and today… WE WILL MAKE THAT HAPPEN!"

Here's how the voting works:

1) Select four (4) beers from their list.

2) A second round of voting will take place at festivals and the brewery over the summer.

3) The top two voted beers of the remaining four will be brewed and re-released nationally for a limited time in a January 2016 Samuel Adams Variety Pack.

Happy voting!



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