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False Alarm - No Fire At FX Matt Brewery
It appears a concerned citizen mistook noise and steam coming from the FX Matt Brewery for an explosion and fire on Tuesday morning. That individual called 9-1-1  reporting they'd heard an explosion and saw smoke coming from the FX Matt Brewery.
Saranac Beer Airs New TV Commercial
As a former tour guide at the F.X. Matt Brewery, I keep in touch with the brewery and they keep in touch with me. Recently, I received word from my friends at the brewery that they just produced a new TV commercial that will be airing this week.
Saranac '12 Beers Of Winter' 2014
It seems like breweries stay way ahead of the season these days, and now winter has arrived at Saranac! Actually, Saranac "12 Beers Of Winter" from the F.X. Matt Brewing Company is now available. Here's what's in this year's winter variety pack.
New Saranac Long John Lager Now Available
'Tis the season for holiday and winter brews, and my friends at the F.X. Matt Brewing Company have just debuted a brand new winter seasonal beer...Saranac Long John Lager. I've tried it and give it two thumbs up! Here's more.
Saranac '12 Beers A Falling' Have Arrived
I love those Saranac seasonal mix packs, because they give you a chance to sample various styles of beer. The latest seasonal 12 pack to arrive in stores is the Saranac "12 Beers A Falling". Here's what's inside this year.
Meet 'The Pope Of Foam' Charlie Bamford
I first heard of "The Pope Of Foam" while watching an episode of The Esquire Network's "Brew Dogs". He's Charlie Bamforth, an accomplished brew master who is well respected by all brewers. I've had a fascination with how beer is made ever since my c…

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