It seems like breweries stay way ahead of the season these days, and now winter has arrived at Saranac! Actually, Saranac "12 Beers Of Winter" from the F.X. Matt Brewing Company is now available. Here's what's in this year's winter variety pack.

For craft beer lovers, it's always a treat to try the new beers in the Saranac "12 Beers Of Winter." According to, this year's variety pack contains two bottles of the following:

"Long John Lager - New!

Long John Lager is a robust yet easygoing Dunkel Lager. The caramelized malty sweetness is nicely balanced by a toasted nuttiness that’ll surely light up your taste buds on a winter day.

Chai Brown Ale - New!

A perfect blending of brown ale and chai spices - a lively, balanced brew with hints of coffee, cocoa, and vanilla that is sure to suit your taste buds to a 'tea'. Very Zen.

into The Dark - New!

Full-flavored, hop forward. Brewed with imported dark malt for a deep color and roasted flavor. It's an IPA. With a dark side.

Pale Ale

“Our hop injection technology brings out the flavor and aroma of Bramling Cross hops-the sharpest English hop available.” - Jim Kuhr, Master Brewer (makes an annual trip to Worcester, England to hand pick our Bramling Cross hops)

Legacy IPA

Our founder passed down his legacy of great beer. Inspired by his recipe, this heavenly IPA’s aroma and depth of flavor is our gift to you.

4059' Porter

Named for the height of a nearby Porter Mountain (no kidding), you'll hold it's roasted character and full flavor in high regard, too."

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