Who remembers the 80's? Yeah, it was a  blur. Now you can relive it with the three piece band 'Squirrel Murphy,' coming to Utica's Brews and BBQ.

Oh, the 80's. They were great. All the old memories will come flooding back when you join us at Utica's Brews and Barbecue. Not only will you hear The Weight Band, but you'll also get another look at Squirrel Murphy - the original. Do they look the same? Nope - less hair, bigger bellies, same old ego. Thank God they got over their addiction to leggings and parachute pants (well, at least two of them did).

Every song Squirrel Murphy plays instantly captures that nostalgic feeling, sending you back to the decade of mullets, and Aqua Net. From the very first chord, you'll be dancing and pumping your fist in the air, singing along to the much-loved songs of yesterday.

Close your eyes when Squirrel Murphy hits the stage. Yes, They'll bring you right back to the decade you loved. They play the songs you forgot.

All three of these guys have been playing the music scene for 30 plus years. Matt Grainger, Kevin Orr, and Doug Lazer, the crack team of musical experts that share vocal duties and sound like a full five piece band. They play Tommy Tutone, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Poison, Def Leppard, Loverboy, Donnie Iris, Golden Earring, Simple Minds, the entire genre of 80's Rock.

Get your tickets to Utica's Brews and Barbecue for an unexpected trip back in time. Oh yeah, there'll be tons of barbecue and beer too. Meet Squirrel Murphy again.


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