The classic bands of the 70's and 80's in Central New York can still be found...on ebay.

You might remember huge local bands "back in the day" like 805, Alecstar and New York Flyers.  They have had a few scattered reunion gigs.  But it's really cool when you can still find this stuff for sale, and fetching some decent prices.

When this single, "Don't Turn Away" was released, New York Flyers had already grown from their early days in Syracuse to opening for Black Sabbath in Albany.  They were so big in Albany, that Pat Benatar even opened for them in 1978.  The single was the prelude to their self-titled 1979 album, and launched them into non-stop touring of the East Coast throughout the early 80's.  You can bid on this ebay auction item - here.


Or check out this gem from Alecstar!

lizgarzonp via ebay
lizgarzonp via ebay

They were huge in Central New York by the time this was released.  They were getting airplay on stations in Syracuse, Utica and Albany.  And it looks like this gem is being sold from Clearwater, FL!  You can bid on this ebay auction item - here.

Do you have any Central New York music history in your collection?  Would you be willing to part with it?

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