(By: Nick Vanderwood)

Creating music is awesome, but as unfortunate as it sounds, the audience that most of the diligent original musicians yearn for are naturally drawn to music that they've heard before at local bars; cover music.  It makes sense; for the feeling of hearing your favorite song by an awesome cover band is almost exactly the same as hearing your favorite tune on the radio. Here's a video of my band Glen Street doing just that, performing our cover of Kryptonite... Then read on.



While original bands pour their heart into a song in hopes to achieve the heights of many other famous songs, no one seems to care or support.  I can relate to that; I have played to many empty seats and it happens from time to time, but it sure isn't fun.  However, if the audience that original musicians seek are jamming somewhere else to songs they love, why not mix it in with the original loop?  If the audience is entertained listening to your covers, then maybe they'll be receptive to our Glen Street original "Blue".



Sometimes it is possible to entertain a crowd more with cover music portrayed in an original way.  You can learn more about this concept with a click below!

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