Our intern, Nick Vanderwood already accustomed to using a stage microphone as a local musician is starting to spread his writing wings as well, and for good reason. The Stanley Theater is in trouble and the entire community is upset about it, but Nick has an idea that he thinks could do a small part in keeping this long-time Utica attraction around for just a little bit longer. He wrote a letter to the editor of the Observer Dispatch yesterday and they published it...

Local musicians could help Stanley

To see such a magnificent structure, the Stanley Theatre, in the heart of Utica disappear before us after almost a century of art-induced achievement would be akin to New York City losing the Empire State Building.

While the Stanley may not tower over our city, the amount of soul, love, angst and commitment that has been allotted into it by the incessant actors, actresses and musicians surpasses any height the human mind can imagine.

Perhaps the latter end of this equation, the musicians of Central New York, can help revive our woebegone friend.

Why not entice the poised local music scene into taking part in an event, or maybe several events, at the Stanley Theatre in an attempt to revive it?

Let’s display the local music scene that many do not see. As a member of a local original band, I have played with too many other great, local, original bands that the masses are unaware of or not interested in because a bar or restaurant is not “the place to be”.

To capitalize this mishap, enjoin the original local music scene with the suffering Stanley to create a prosperous event.


New York Mills

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