Spectrum customers in New York will see a refund, and some will also get free streaming services with premier movie channels.

WGRZ reports the payout is a result of the consumer fraud case led by NYS last year that claiming the state's largest internet service provider, originally Time Warner Cable didn't provide reliable and fast internet service as promised.

WIBX reports direct restitution of $62.5 million to over 700,000 active subscribers, who will each receive between $75 and $150, as well as streaming services and premium channels, with a retail value of over $100 million, at no charge for approximately 2.2 million active subscribers. 

Is the check in the mail?

WGRZ reports Attorney General Barbara Underwood saying Charter has agreed to award a $75 refund to over 700,000 active subscribers based on three criteria: leasing an inadequate modem; leasing an inadequate WiFi router; or subscribing to a previous Time Warner Cable "legacy" speed plan of 100 Mbps or higher.

Additionally, Charter will award another $75 refund to about 150,000 subscribers who had an inadequate modem for 24 months or more.

The payments come on top of $6 million that Charter had already provided some customers for inadequate modems, which was separate from Tuesday's announcement.

Charter will also offer free streaming services to 2.2 million active internet subscribers.

Customers receiving internet and cable television from the company will get a choice of either three free months of HBO or six free months of Showtime.

All other New York customers will get a free month of Charter’s Spectrum TV Choice streaming service, as well as a free month of Showtime.

Charter will notify subscribers of their eligibility for the free services within 120 days.

What will you do with your money?

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