Spectrum will issue you a credit for this weekend's service interruption - but you have to ask for it - and that doesn't seem right.

Unless you live under a rock (or have a different internet/cable provider), you know that approximately 2 million Spectrum customers were left without service after severe weather damaged a fiber optic cable.

Spectrum has agreed to issue refunds for the outage. Anecdotal reports suggest these refunds range from $1.50 up to around $10. (If you got more or less, let us know.) There's a caveat though: you have to call and ask for it.

Am I the only one that feels like we shouldn't have to ask for a refund we're entitled to?

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We get it - things go wrong. Certainly, Spectrum doesn't control the weather. I have no idea why that cable was impacted the way it was - but when things go wrong, you make it right.

Often, they're the lone available internet provider - so as consumers, we have little to no choice if we want internet service.

If prior experiences with Spectrum's customer service are any indicator, I'll spend some time on hold while waiting to request my paltry refund. Is that the hope? We'll do the calculation and figure out that our time isn't worth the few dollars we may get back - so we'll just forget about it?

Spectrum should do the right thing and give us all the credit we deserve, without making us ask.

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