New York State Attorney General Lititia James is calling on the major cable and satellite television providers to give consumers a break during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rob Carr, Justin K. Aller, Joe Robbins / Getty Images
Rob Carr, Justin K. Aller, Joe Robbins / Getty Images

James wants fees customers have paid for live sports programming to be reduced or eliminated as almost all live events in the U.S. have been cancelled.

The Attorney General last week sent letters to Charter Communications, Comast Cable, DISH Network, AT&T and Verizon Communications, among others, requesting the companies immediately prepare and provide plans for how they will provide financial relief for customers until live sports programming is resumed.

According to the A.G.’s office, subscribers pay up to $20 a month in extra fees to access live sporting events but even with all live sports being cancelled in the United States, the companies are still charging consumers the same amounts and have not provided refunds or cancellations.

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