Spectrum customers will be seeing a price hike with their next bill. Increases will be seen on TV and phone service plans, however internet costs will remain the same.

Cordcuttersnews.com first reported the bump in rates, saying the increases would be seen in bills starting June 2. Services jumping include the Broadcast TV Surcharge, fees, and equipment. According to the article, the surcharge, (the money paid to local broadcast stations for airing their programs), will go to $17.99 per month. Customers with TV Stream or TV Choice will see their price raise to $12.95 a month.

There will also be price hikes in Latino View, going to $9.99 a month. Equipment fees for HD Boxes will increase a buck per month to, $8.99 a month. Syracuse.com echoes those comments, adding Spectrum TV Silver and TV Gold plans will increase $8 a month.

Phone customers will also see a bump in costs, even those with a phone and TV package according to the newspaper article.  Spectrum Voice will go to $12.99 per bill, and package plans will increase to $13.54 a month.

Both articles say the TV Surcharge was increased nearly $3 this past July. Syracuse.com reports the fee was first levied in 2014 and began at just $2.25 per month, meaning it has increased eight-fold in just 7 years.

Anyone under contract through a promotional program will not see the increase in prices until the introductory period ends. Read more on the increases in services and equipment at Cordcutters.com or Syracuse.com.

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