Jack lived in a shelter for more than 700 days, but that was better than being abused and used as a bait dog.

Jack came to the CNY SPCA through the cruelty department after being rescued from a dog-fighting ring in January 2018. For over seven years, he was either in a crate or fighting for his life. Due to his past, there were a lot of restrictions on who could adopt him, but thankfully an Onondaga County couple, Ric And Robin, who fit the criteria came forward.

Jack Sparrow is now happy and living in luxury with his new family:

He's very happy and well adjusted to his new home and family. Watches soaps with his Mama, runs in his yard, plays football with his Daddy.


Ric told us: I know you guys were trying to find a good home for him too. If not for the locals pulling for him, we would not have seen him at all.

CNY Central covered Jack's big sendoff, and Ric told them:

"Once I started scratching his chin – he started licking my face," said Ric. "He went over to the wife, and they kind of bonded right there. I think he knows he’s going to be perfectly safe. He’s going to be loved, and nobody’s ever going to hurt him again." Robin said Jack is going to be loved and spoiled like he's always deserved.[CNY Central]

So happy for Jack and his new family.

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