A puppy that was given away to a "trusted" person on social media ended up in the hands of a convicted animal abuser. The abuser has been arrested for violating the Animal Abuse Registry.

On November 4th, Syracuse Police Department Animal Cruelty Investigator Officer Kalil arrested Brian Person (48) of Syracuse for violating the terms and conditions of the Onondaga County Animal Abuser Registry. Officer Kalil observed Person in possession of a dog and recognized Person from the Onondaga County Animal Abuser Registry. After an investigation, Person was arrested for Onondaga County Local Law 5-2017 (6b) Violating the Animal Abuse Registry Prohibition of Animal Ownership, a misdemeanor.

Onondaga County Sherriff's Office

The Syracuse Police Department says the dog, a young female Pitbull mix, was given away to a "trusted" person via social media resulting in the dog winding up in a convicted animal abuser's possession.

The Syracuse Police Department along with the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office strongly urges those looking to rehome their animals to reach out to shelters and rescues for assistance so appropriate background checks can be conducted and to not rehome animals via social media outlets. Please access the Onondaga County Animal Abuser Registry https://sheriff.ongov.net/animal-abuser-registry/ and notify the proper authorities if you have information regarding any of the individuals possessing animals.

On April 17, 2018, a Syracuse.com news article said Person was accused of throwing a puppy onto a sidewalk on South Geddes Street. Syracuse police Sgt. Richard Helterline said Person put the puppy in a backpack and went into a store, where witnesses saw Person "shake and hit the backpack," Person then left the dog, in the backpack, at the store.

Person was convicted of 2 counts of animal cruelty, torturing and injuring a puppy, and failure to provide medical attention as the puppy was sick with the highly contagious parvovirus. Person was also the first wanted person for failing to register with the county’s animal abuser registry.

Onondaga County Sheriff's Office

Anyone selling, giving away, or adopting an animal to another person must check the Animal Abuser Registry before any ownership change. Giving, selling, or adopting an animal to a person on the Animal Abuser Registry is a violation of county law.

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