On Saturday, February 16th, Frankfort Police received a report of a deceased dog in the area of the old landfill on South Side Rd. Officers found a 3 to 4-year-old black Pitbull dead in a crate and appeared to have died from malnutrition and animal fighting.

The "Cuse Pit Crew" was first to offer a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the two men Frankfort Police believe are responsible for the death of the Pitbull. Since then another $2,500 has been added bringing the reward total up to $3,500.

The Police are following leads on a black or dark blue 2 door Dodge pick up that was seen in the area with two male occupants, one with a full beard, acting suspiciously. If anyone has any information, please contact the Town of Frankfort Police Department at 315-894-3594. Email tips can also be left at POLICE@TOWNOFFRANKFORT.COM. Any information and leads will be kept confidential.

We spoke with Stephanie Berowski, Town of Frankfort Animal Control Officer and Dog Control Officer for the Village of Herkimer, about the possibility of dog fighting in CNY, and what she told us is heartbreaking.

WARNING: This information may be difficult for some. 

Is there dog fighting in CNY?

YES, there is dog fighting in CNY, there is dog fighting everywhere, it's just a very well kept secret.

Where does it happen?

Dog fighting can take place in many different types of locations. They can fight them in abandoned buildings, basements, garages etc......pretty much anywhere that has enough room for "spectators" and a ring that these poor defenseless animals are in to fend for their lives.

What is dog fighting?

Dog fighting is an inhumane "bloodsport" where dogs are placed in a ring and fought. These dogs will fight anywhere from an hour up to three hours. The dogs are fought until either they no longer can fight, jumps out of the fighting ring, has a serious injury or one dies.

Are the dogs trained to fight?

Dogs that are going to be used for fighting are definitely trained to be stronger and meaner towards other dogs and do not live a normal dog life of a dog. There are many types and stages of dogfighting. Some ranks of dogs are called, Bait dog, Roll dog, Show dog, even a dog is deemed a Non-Prospect (in my opinion is what the dog found in Frankfort was) which is where the dog is neglected abandoned or left to die.

Are there signs that a dog is used for fighting?

Yes, there are many signs that show a dog is used for fighting. Some are injected with steroids, which causes them to look a lot stronger and bigger than the normal breed of that dog. Also, some dogs are getting "Docking" of the ears and tail, where they cut down the length of them both.

Is it true they fight to the death?

Unfortunately yes the dogs often have to fight till death. Which as I said before is considered a non-profit dog.

What should people do if they suspect dog fighting?

If anyone ever suspects that there is dog fighting, they should immediately contact the local police or sheriff in there county or town. Any information and leads to these illegal activities is always kept confidential.

Can people leave an anonymous tip for dog fighting and animal abuse? Where?

Yes, without a doubt there are many ways, and will always be anonymous. Any activities that show abuse and neglect of any animal have many resources to report. One way is your local law enforcement, another is as well as we all know social media (Facebook). They may contact any humane society, SPCA, 911, animal control officer, numbers are different for certain areas. ALL CALLS ARE KEPT ANONYMOUS AND CONFIDENTIAL.

If you have any information on dog fighting or the death of the pitbull found in Frankfort, please report it to the Frankfort Police Department at 315-894-3594. Email tips can also be left at POLICE@TOWNOFFRANKFORT.COM. Any information and leads will be kept confidential.

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