A New York veterinarian is facing several charges of animal cruelty after being accused of abusing a number of dogs and cats in his care.

Javier Diaz, the owner of Main Street Animal Hospital in Elmsford, New York has been arrested after a joint investigation with the SPCA in Westchester.

Our Humane Law Enforcement Unit, under the direction of Ernest Lungaro and Elmsford Detectives Paul Rescigno and Robert Caralyus, in a joint investigation and with the assistance of the Westchester District Attorney’s Office, arrested Veterinarian Javier Diaz.

The investigation revealed Dr. Diaz physically abused pets that were brought into the Main Street Animal Hospital on six occasions, the SPCA said.

Warning, the description to follow here is graphic.

While treating a three-legged senior German Shepherd for an ear infection, Diaz allegedly kicked the dog in the chest and pulled the dog’s ear so hard that it screamed. He's also accused of kicking the dog a second time in its jaw causing it to jerk its head backward striking a veterinary assistant that was holding the dog in place.

The veterinary assistant suffered a bloody nose and physical pain in her head and neck.

A two-month-old kitten was also hit on the head with a nail clipper designed to cut dog’s nails. Diaz allegedly jammed the nail clipper into the cat’s mouth, "causing the kitten to suffer unjustifiably and to sustain a laceration to its gum and palate."

Credit - SPCA Westchester via Facebook
Credit - SPCA Westchester via Facebook

More Dog Abuse

The SPCA Westchester said several other dogs were mistreated under Diaz's care.

A Shiba Inu was punched in the ribs. A Labrador Retriever had his front paw twisted and a nail clipper jabbed in his ribs. The dog was then kicked in the ribs. A Chihuahua was in a crate crying when Diaz punched the dog to make it stop crying. A Shih Tzu was choked causing the dog to almost lose consciousness.

Dr. Diaz is charged with six counts of animal cruelty, assault 3rd degree, and forgery 2nd degree.

If you suspect your pet was harmed in Diaz’s care, you're asked to call the SPCA’s 24-hour animal cruelty hotline at (914) 941-7797.

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